Forensic Interviews at the CPC

The number one priority of the Children’s Protection Center is the child and our full-time interviewer is trained in the ChildFirst protocol. The center’s forensic interviewer works closely with investigators and is trained in a wide spectrum of areas related to childhood development, sexual abuse dynamics and other pertinent issues. By adhering to the ChildFirst principle, we avoid multiple interviews with the child, we reduce fear, trauma and stress and we generate potential evidence that is important in an investigation and possible prosecution.

Forensic interviews are conducted to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Research tells us that an investigation of abuse often re-traumatizes a child. At the CPC we are committed to reduce this trauma as much as possible. Children are never forced to talk. The interview is digitally recorded so that it may be used in the investigation and reduces the number of times a child is asked about the abuse.

The CPC also allows trained investigators on ChildFirst to conduct their own interviews.

The Children’s Protection Center works with the following Pulaski County investigative agencies:

  • Arkansas State Police (CACD)
  • Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)
  • Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department
  • Little Rock Police Department
  • Maumelle Police Department
  • Jacksonville Police Department
  • Sherwood Police Department

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